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At People of the Labyrinths, you can find unique clothing of couture fashion design in our online web shop. These various unique fashion clothes have been created by the minds of Hans Dermoed and Geert de Rooij. They have been designing clothing with a unique couture fashion design since 1984. Thanks to their hand-printed and hand-dyed production processes, they truly are a remarkable brand in the fashion scene. Whether it is about jackets, t-shirts, long sleeves or dresses, every single one of their clothing items is provided with a handcrafted design. The unique color palette that truly signifies the People of the Labyrinths brand has attracted international interest from fans of unique fashion clothes.

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Handcrafted couture fashion design from Amsterdam in our shop

The combination of fashion, interior design, art design, and cosmetics have led to an interest from a variety of corners of public discourse. The characteristic look and fashion that is typical of the People of the Labyrinths brand is not only apparent in their unique couture clothing but also comes through in their interior design. So if you would like to also implement this particular artistry in your living or work spaces, you should surely have a look at the furniture options.

The variety of unique couture clothing at their disposal

Have you seen celebrities wearing unique couture clothing and would you also like to add a particular fashion design to your wardrobe? Then the extensive selection of People of the Labyrinths is absolutely for you. With many options for men and women, everyone will find unique fashion clothes they like. Next to that, we also have a limited perfume line that is definitely worth exploring. Similarly to our unique fashion clothes, we like to aim for innovative and renewing perfumes.

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If you would like an extensive overview of the many couture fashion design products we have on offer, it is best to look at the web shop. Here you can scroll through the men’s, women’s, accessories, perfume and interior design options. You can order and pay from the comfort of your own home or contact us by calling +31 (0) 20 6643779.

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