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When you are looking for unique hand painted fashion, you’ve come to the right place at People of the Labyrinths. We make beautiful hand painted clothing that provides you with the opportunity to literally wear art. With our handmade and hand painted fashion you will distinguish yourselves from others in an artistic way. At People of the Labyrinth we have created a unique look and design. We only make use of the best materials and most wonderful colors, so you will be enjoying your own exceptional piece of hand painted fashion and clothing.

Hand painted and unique fashion and clothing in our online shop

Every single outfit you can order at People of the Labyrinths is hand-made, hand-dyed and hand printed. The duo that is at the center of this is Hans Demoed and Geert de Rooij. They’ve come up with a way to work together and create hand painted fashion and clothing like you have never seen before. Hans creates the characteristic color scheme of the People of the Labyrinths while Geert comes up with the intricate designs and graphical prints for the clothes. Hand painted leather is also among the many options in the selection of the web shop. 

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Wear hand painted leather to create your unique look

It is often hard to distinguish oneself using the typical fashion options. Most of these clothes are also not truly hand-made and produced in dire circumstances. If you are looking for something more unique to wear, choose a hand painted leather piece of clothing in the web shop of People of the Labyrinths. Thanks to the large variety of options, you will have all the resources you need to create a style that suits you. Pick the clothing that makes you feel good and be sure of high-quality fabric and materials.

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When you’ve looked through our selection of men’s and women’s fashion, you can easily pick the options you want to order and pay online. Next to hand painted clothing, fashion and leather, we also have a variety of furniture items in the unique look of People of the Labyrinths available in our shop. Look extensively through the inventory of our web shop and shop with ease in the comfort of your own home! It is also always possible to call us at +31 (0) 20 6643779.

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